From recent services:


As the whirr of unseen wings tell us of the flight of the keruru,
may the blessing that surrounds us speak of God’s love.
As the call of the morepork sounds in the loneliness of the night,
may we recognise the companionship of the Christ in our dark times.
As the song of the tui peals melody to the hills and sky and bush,
May your joyous spirit sing through us into the world around us. Amen.

©  Beverley L. Osborn, Gifts in Open Hands, 2011,Pilgrim Press

And from an earlier service:

May our living be God inspired.
May our words be heaven filled.
May our hope be Spirit crammed.
May our choices be justice shaped.
May our faith be truth inspired.
May our journey be love breathed.
And may God be in our every step.


So that everyone has enough
Rev Diane Gilliam-Weeks - 10 July 2016

Can we really hack the Jesus pace?
Rev Norman Wilkins - 17 July 2016

Seek the welfare of the city
Rev Reg Weeks - 9 October 2016

Rev John Howell- 6 Nov 2016

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